Med-Con has partnered with Unislat to provide innovative solutions for storage in the medical interior spaces.

  • UNISLAT wall and display LLC is a West Michigan based company mainly engaged in the storage and organization business. It’s origin’s in Manufacturing-Fabrication date back to the mid 1970’s.
  • Established in 2008, Unislat’s original purpose was to change the way hospitals and other care facilities organize their supplies.  By reducing obsolescence, improving the speed and effectiveness of staff, and reducing maintenance cost. Additionally, organization of work space is a key component of lean manufacturing and 5S principles that are popular in Healthcare areas across the country today.
  • Purchased in 2010 by private local business men with a strong financial backing.
  • The Company operates in multiple business segments. The Healthcare segment is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of wall system as well as the related accessories.
  • The Company’s operations are located at: 13660 172nd, Grand Haven, Mi.

Ph (616)844-4211 Fax (616)844-4288.